General Construction

The following are a few examples of Athena Engineering, Inc.’s General Construction Projects:

Athena Engineering, Inc. acted as the general contractor and mechanical HVAC integrator on this rehabilitation of an existing high school for Los Angeles Unified School District.

The general construction scope of work included a wide variety of work and the coordination of multiple trades:

  • All general conditions, including temporary utilities
  • Underground piping
  • Digging
  • Excavation
  • T-bar installation
  • Structural steel upgrades
  • Roofing
  • Controls
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Asphalt

The mechanical rehabilitation scope of work included the removal and replacement of existing cooling towers, chillers and pumps in the central plant. Our team removed and replaced a total of 10 air-handling units and fans in two separate buildings and mechanical room.

Project photos

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The Piper Spirit Office Complex project required Athena Engineering, Inc. to design and build two state of the art office buildings from the ground up. Both buildings are located on a 75,000 square foot lot (1.7 acres), and construction involved the coordination of several dozen trades.

Athena Engineering served as the general contractor and as the mechanical HVAC contractor and controls integrator. The first building utilizes a revolutionary energy management system that optimizes energy usage. A closed circuit security system, building access system and the HVAC system are integrated in one computer interface.

The Piper Spirit Office Complex has won multiple awards, including the Commercial Building of the year by the City of San Dimas in 2007. The interiors of the Piper Spirit Office Complex were designed in partnership with Jannie Chiera, President of Athena Engineering, Inc.

Project features:

  • 2 two-story buildings 9,300 square feet and 12,200 square feet
  • Structural steel and fully grouted block construction
  • All incoming utilities and site services
  • Site grading import and export
  • Brick fascia and exteriors
  • 98 space parking area, asphalt and concrete
  • Full cistern run-off and clarification systems
  • Chilled water and hot water HVAC system with variable air volume control
  • Security and access systems with video surveillance and digital video recording
  • Full interior build-outs with all required services and facilities

Project photos:

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