Safety & Quality Control

When a job is done safely, it’s done right.

Our unyielding commitment to maintaining a clean, safe work environment requires the full participation of every team member. This shared responsibility has resulted in a “Zero Tolerance” policy for serious safety violations.

To meet our safety and quality goals, we’ve developed an Injury & Illness Prevention Program that exceeds OSHA guidelines. A full-time Safety Director and Safety Committee are responsible for implementing all aspects of the program, including several key components:

  • Athena Engineering’s Project Manager and/or Superintendent, under the direct supervision of the Safety Director, is responsible for all day to day, job specific safety procedures, training and discipline.
  • Weekly site safety meetings are mandatory and are documented by the Superintendent in charge of the project.
  • All field personnel are provided with necessary personal protective equipment. All safety gear is routinely checked by the Superintendent to verify it is in operating order. All employees of Athena Engineering, Inc. receive a copy of the Safety Program, as well as on-going training administered by a safety compliance company, ClickSafety.
  • Each Superintendent must conduct an inspection and/or investigation to identify unsafe work conditions and practices. If unsafe conditions are discovered, Superintendents follow an established process for correcting unsafe working conditions.
  • A system of communication and feedback ensures that employees are complying with the safety program.